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Product Guide
Product Guide

Egyptian Healing Rods
Egyptian Healing Rods were the ancient healing tools used by Egyptian Pharaohs and High Priests. These sacred energy tools have been rediscovered by a Russian Scientist and have been manufactured in accordance with the original specification from rediscovered texts. When you hold these cylindrical healing rods they immediately begin to stimulate the body and help to reduce stress and fatigue, lower blood pressure, open your Chakra fields, improve the immune function and improve vitality. Alexandria Connections - Egyptian Healing Centre (based in North Wales) have recently become the sole UK distributor of a new amazing complimentary medicine aid for everyday life use. Used by the ancient Egyptians they are - Egyptian Healing Rods. These sacred tools for self-ascension and healing were used in ancient Egypt and have been recently rediscovered through recovered Egyptian texts dating back over 3600 years.

Bio-Magnetic Therapy
Bio-Magnet Therapy helps the body naturally regain its self healing balance as each organ and cell in the body is influenced by magnetic fields. Our quality magnetic therapy is one of the easiest ways we can enhance our general well being, energize our bodies and speed any necessary repair. Bio-Magnets relax and lengthen tissue which begin the process of detoxing, elimination of waste and stimulates the body's own pain relieving system.

Pyramid Healing
The power in Pyramids has been well documented over the years. They are a known source of energy. The ancient Egyptians knew that the pyramid was an energy source, hence that's why they buried their pharaoh's there. This energy is known to keep fruit ripe, energise water, and even keep razor blades sharpened. Forget about the hectic lifestyle and the stresses of everyday life, by relaxing under our Pyramid, which helps achieve calmness and deeper relaxation.

Thermal Basalt Stones
An ancient stone therapy, which helps melt away modern stress and tension. The use of heated stones dates back over two thousands years, used by the Chinese as a means of improving the functions of internal organs. Hot Stone massage uses a combination of heat from the stones and oils. The energetic effects of both the stones and the oils produce a deep penetrating state of relaxation and well-being.

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