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Bio-Magnetic Therapy
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These amazing magnets can also be used daily by any ordinary person or even a top athlete for Common Ailments, Pain Relief, Improved Performance, Prevention, Speedy Recovery after injury, they are also known to assist with Sleep problems and help relieve Stress Relief.
Bio-Magnetic Coaster
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Common Ailments

Any water can be magnetised; it is simple. Just place your jug or glass on the specially designed Water Coaster for 20 minutes for a glass, and about 1 hour for a full bottle or a jug. The water will then hold the magnetic properties for days. The Japanese have used magnetised water for over ten years to help control high blood pressure and diabetes. In his book Magnet Therapy, Dr Paul Rosch argues that when water moves through a magnetic field the hydrogen ions and dissolved minerals within it become charged and help form the water molecules into clusters. This both improves the water’s taste and makes it softer. Other claims for magnetized water are that it keeps the blood free of impurities, reduces excess cholesterol, dissolves kidney stones, and preserves general health.
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Coaster 0003 20.00  20.00 
Body Wrap 1&2
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For Pain Relief, Recovery and Repair

The complete Body Wrap is designed to offer the best approach to relieving and repairing most parts of the body. Each pad will give up to three inches of penetration, allowing our high quality neodymium magnets to reach deep inside joints and muscles. With magnet therapy it is not enough to treat surface tissue, sometimes trauma is located three or four inches inside the joint. We build our product accordingly, bringing more circulation and oxygen to the site of discomfort and pain. Increased oxygen will enable the body to heal itself by changing the acidic environment, drawing in healing alkaline and flushing out other harmful deposits. Use these pads freely on arms, legs backs and hips.
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Body Wrap 1 0001-a 45.00  45.00 
Body Wrap 2 0001-b 45.00  45.00 
Carpal Wrap
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Pain Relief,Performance,Prevention,Recovery,Repair

As with all our products we want our users to be confident that we construct our magnetic wraps to deal with most conditions that will occur in the specific area we are working with. Our Carpal Wrap will give you lightweight support and protection to the wrist as you take part in your activity. The healing properties of the two magnets we use will combine to speed recovery and repair the area. The Carpal Wrap will also increase strength and flexibility to the wrist. By regularly wearing our Carpal Wrap we can often deter injuries from occurring.
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Carpal Wrap 0002 22.00  22.00 
Eye Mask
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For Repair, Sleep & Stress Relief

The Relieving Therapeutic Eye Mask has been designed to be an effective product for helping combat stress and fatigue, but also be a terrific boost for improving the skin.
Use the eye mask whenever you feel tension in the area. It is a quick and effective way to combat tension and fatigue.
As with all magnets, they gently and naturally increase and improve circulation to the area. Our magnetic eye mask has been known to lessen the appearance of lines around the eyes and to reduce puffiness due to water retention.
Simply slip the eye mask over the head and position the magnets to sit comfortably on the back of the neck.
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Eye Mask 0004 25.00  25.00 
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For Pain Relief, Recovery, Repair & Sleep

The Magnessage can be used for all kinds of arthritis and joint pain. It has been successfully used therapeutically by a wide range of sportsmen and women including golfers, rowers, swimmers, cricketers, footballers, skiers, cyclists, runners, drivers, motor cyclists, sailors, athletes, gymnasts, dancers and by tennis players as seen on BBC TV from Wimbledon.
The Magnessage can help relieve pre-menstrual tension and pain. It may also be useful for bowel problems and for improving circulation.
The Magnessage has been found to be beneficial for some types of sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction, and in certain cases of infertility. It seems to help by improving the blood flow and circulation of fluids in the abdomen and sexual organs and may also enhance sperm mobility.
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Magnessage 0005 95.00  95.00 
Pillow Pad
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For Sleep & Stress Relief

RELIEVES STRESS, IMPROVES SLEEP & SKIN Our Pillow Pad helps bathe you in deeply relaxing magnetic fields to help you get a better night’s sleep. As your body downloads the day’s events these hours are crucial to your well-being. The body uses your sleeping hours to regroup – even bolstering your immune system. A magnetic pillow can play a large part in that restoration. Easing you into a deeper calmer and more restful night. Sleeping on the Pillow Pad will help increase the circulation bringing more oxygen; this in turn will help to detoxify your body. Almost a ‘side effect’ to increased oxygen to the area is the difference in the appearance of the skin. It can promote a natural glow, minimise signs of aging and help with skin related problems. Using the Pillow Pad is like having a facial all night long.
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Pillow Pad 0006 33.00  33.00 
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