Rods Kont




The Rods Kont are suitable for those who need grounding. Relaxing with these Rods may also help relieve stress and fatigue. The Rods Kont are a wonderful set of rods to work with two or three times daily, to enable you to calm the system and to regain balance and harmony. Rods Kont may also promote a deeper sleep, having a positive effect on the nervous system.

When selecting a set of rods remember the necessity of your blood pressure control. The Rods Kont filled with coal and ferromagnetic fillings may lower the blood pressure, they are not suitable for those with LOW BLOOD PRESSURE.

 (If you are unsure choosing a set of rods please get in touch with me – Barbara 0044 (0)1978 754198 – to discuss an appropriate set to suit your needs)


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