Online HR Training

An Accredited IPTI (Independent Professional Therapists International) Training Course for those who wish to use the Rods on clients, a truly wonderful enhancement to your business. 

This includes a Manual and 2 sets of Healing Rods (Rods Kont & Rods Quartz)

Priced at £525.00 (please enquire for details).

The course itinerary is covered by :

  • History of the Rods
  • How the Rods are made
  • The Golden Section Principle
  • Medical recommendations
  • Practical sessions
  • Code of Conduct and Ethics
  • Insurance details
  • Ten Case Studies required
    • #5 Case Studies are required with Rods Kont
    • #5 Case Studies are required with Rods Quartz

Case Study sheets and Medical Questionnaires are included with the course.

On satisfactory completion of 10 Case Studies a Certificate will be sent to the Course Participant.